PPI Belfast Claims

PPI Belfast

Payment protection insurance has been sold alongside various credit accounts and policies for many years now. While the policy sounds beneficial in theory, the practice has proven a lot different for some people. Following numerous complaints regarding how infrequently required PPI policies paid out, the Courts were forced to act. An investigation and an extensive court case ensued with it being determined that major lenders and banks had been guilty of mis-selling this product. Continue reading

PPI Claims Belfast

Payment protection insurance is a beneficial and useful addition to a loan, mortgage, or credit card, if it is sold properly and if you get the most appropriate policy for the right price. However, it has been determined during a high profile court case then many people were sold policies that were not appropriate, were not informed they were paying for PPI, orwere mis-sold their policy in any of a number of other ways. Through effective PPI claims Belfast borrowers are able to recoup the money they have paid out as well as interest on this amount. Continue reading