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HSBC Bank Case Study

Mrs K

Mrs K contacted Northern Ireland Claims in July 2009 in relation to a series lof oans which she had taken out with HSBC between 2003 and 2006. She had been sold Payment Protection Insurance with each of the three loans. Mrs K had arranged each loan in her local branch and been strongly persuaded that she needed to take Payment Protection Insurance with each of the loans. Mrs K did not have all of her loan agreement documents.

By the time, she had contacted us, all of the loans had been paid off. Our investigations told us that amongst other reasons, the fact that Mrs K had been employed as a nurse by the NHS and received full sickness pay during any sickness absence, that she had no requirement for a PPI policy. We were also satisfied that the sales persons for HSBC had not properly explained any of three policies they sold.

We approached HSBC in July 2009 with our complaint on behalf of Mrs K. In October 2009, we recovered £3,829.00 for Mrs K – this sum being the amount that she had paid for the Payment Protection Policies during the course of the loans – and the amount that she had been penalised in relation to not receiving a full rebate when settling her loans early, plus interest for loss of opportunity!

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