HSBC Profits Soar And Reports Calmer Waters In PPI Scandal

Global banking giant HSBC has reported a huge surge in profits, reaching £5.4bn for the first three months of the year, a 95% increase in profits when compared to a year earlier. The bank has shed tens of thousands of jobs, continued with cost cutting exercises, and witnessed a reduction in bad debts while chief executive Stuart Gulliver said that the industry was heading into “calmer waters” with regards to PPI and other scandals. He also warned, however, that further job cuts were inevitable.

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PPI Claims Northern Ireland On The Increase As FOS Receives 2,000 Related Calls A Day

The number of complaints that the financial ombudsman is receiving has increased even further and the watchdog is now fielding an average of 2,000 calls every single day. The PPI scandal certainly doesn’t look like it is set to break and there are more people than ever complaining both to financial organisations and to the ombudsman. What was initially estimated to cost banks around £4bn has already surpassed that figure and major lenders have set aside around £14bn in funds to pay reclaims. These figures continue to increase as Continue reading

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Attention Bank of Ireland PPI policy holders. Find out how to reclaim PPI the easy way!

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Reclaim up to £4,000 in Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) payments

Northern Ireland Claims, the foremost PPI claims specialists in Northern Ireland, are extremely pleased to provide this press release as a public service to millions of unsuspecting consumers that may be affected by PPI. Please read on to find out how we can help you file PPI Claims in Northern Ireland, to help you get back as much as £4,000 in as little as 8 weeks!

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