Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) refunds – you may be entitled!

It is with great pleasure that we bring you this press release from Northern Ireland Claims today. The PPI “scandal” has been front and center form many individuals and families, and we are happy to provide you information here that will help relieve some of your stress related to PPI claims refunds.

Over 6.44 million consumers of financial products have been sold unnecessary Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) for financial products that they purchased from their financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies and credit cards issuers. Watchdog agencies and regulators have concluded that those individuals should be given appropriate refunds. Many PPI consumers in Northern Ireland may therefore be entitled to file PPI claims to receive their refunds.

If you, a family member, friend or colleague are one of those millions of victims then you need to contact our specialists at Northern Ireland ClaimsNorthern Ireland’s PPI Claim Specialists, at 0800 652 3875, or email us at for assistance. We are here to help individuals like you!

Unfair cash grab

As part of paying PPI, you may have paid:

  • for Loan protection
  • for Employment protection
  • for Sickness and illness
  • for Accidents
  • for Credit card repayment
  • for hire purchase repayment protection

All such payments were supposed to offer you, the consumer, protection in the event of some untoward occurrence that precluded your ability to repay the loan. However, in many instances, when consumers of PPI in Northern Ireland filed a claim to invoke such protection, their claims were often rejected. Financial watch dogs and regulators, including the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), have concluded that those rejections were unfair, and that consumers deserve to get appropriate refunds.

An uphill task

While it is great that the law now agrees that you are entitled to a refund, the fact of the matter is that individuals are so engrossed in making a living to make ends meet, that they really don’t have the time or the inclination to go through yet another process to file a claim. If the process was as simple as making one single phone call, then that would have been great.

But it’s not!

In many cases, multiple parties were involved in soliciting the initial business that you purchased, so it might be unclear whom should your claim be addressed to. In other instances, you may not have been aware that you were actually paying for PPI in the first place. Yet again, some loans and debts may have been paid off early, adding to the complexity of figuring out who should pay the refund – bank, insurance company, mortgage broker – and how much.

Claims made easy

Enter Northern Ireland Claims, a professional consumer support company that has mastered the process of filing for and successfully claiming PPI refunds in Northern Ireland and across the rest of the UK. Our professionals know all the short cuts and the loop holes that high-paid lawyers and claims adjustors use to deny your claim. After all, every claimant is entitled to roughly £3,500 in PPI refunds. And with over 6.44 million claims, that’s huge sums of money banks and financial institutions now have to reimburse. And lenders do their best to ensure the process isn’t painless for individuals filing a claim.

But when they know they are dealing with a well organized, credible group of professionals like us, who have been doing this for a while, they know that they have met their match. Our professionals have managed to get quick refunds – some in as little as 8 weeks!
You have nothing to lose

In the event that your PPI refund claim application is still rejected, we do not charge you anything. We work under a “No Win No Fee” understanding, which means “If you win, we win”. That’s our guarantee!


For additional information, visit our website at:, or contact us via mail, telephone or email, and we will assist you immediately.

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